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Hi, I'm Emery Cannon, a seasoned Coach, CPC, and the visionary founder behind Cannon Sales Consulting. The genesis of my journey in sales traces back to 2002 when I embarked on my career at Jim Reed Chevrolet, a renowned auto dealership. Under the guidance of exceptional trainers and sales professionals, I honed my skills and emerged as one of the top salespeople during my five-year tenure.

Fueling my passion for excellence, I invested in attending various training sessions conducted by world-class trainers. These experiences provided invaluable insights into my own sales proficiency, propelling me to the pinnacle of success at Jim Reed Chevrolet. I then ventured into the dynamic realm of telecommunications, joining the ranks of the leading cell phone company, AT&T. Swiftly proving the effectiveness of my sales style, I garnered recognition within a mere couple of months.

Subsequently, I ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing my own successful cell phone store in collaboration with T-Mobile, making a mark in Tennessee. Following the sale of my store, I sought new challenges in Texas, where I swiftly ascended to the top of the sales department. Eager to share my proven formula, I transitioned into a managerial role, guiding veterans and enthusiasts alike to success.

With over 20 years in the sales game, I'm not just knowledgeable – I'm your go-to guru for all things sales. I've seen my methods turn newcomers into heavy-hitters, and now, I'm here to share the magic with you. My commitment is to impart this knowledge and help others achieve financial success. Let's not just talk about success; let's make it happen together. Let’s dive into a journey that's not just about making money – it's about making your mark.

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