Florence Chambers MAT, Author, and Counselor

I am Florence Chambers, honored to serve as the Company Ambassador for Cannon Sales Consulting. My professional journey has been rooted in education and counseling, bringing a wealth of experience to my role as a Team Member Consultant.

Originally from St. Louis, my academic pursuits began at Harris Teachers College, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in education with a minor in Sociology. Continuing my journey, I obtained a Masters of Arts in Teaching (MAT) from Webster College and a Masters of Education (Counseling) from the University of Missouri in St. Louis.

My commitment to education unfolded through teaching roles, starting with second grade in St. Louis City and evolving into a seventh-grade Language Arts teacher during the transformative era of middle school education. Concurrently, I delved into my passion for creative writing, taking on the role of a Creative Writing Instructor while pursuing a Counseling degree. Engaging in the Gateway Writing seminar, I collaborated with educators locally and nationally, sharing insights into innovative teaching methods.

With the acquisition of my Master of Education (Counseling), I transitioned into a fulfilling role as a middle school Counselor until my retirement in 2005. Embracing the label of an energetic retiree, I utilized my School Psychological Examiner certification, working in St. Louis County to assess students and foster meaningful interactions with parents and educators.

In my later years, I found fulfillment as an Adjunct Professor in Reading and Writing at my Alma Mater, HSSU, and the local St. Louis Community College. This marked the pinnacle of my educational career, coinciding with the authoring of my book, "A Time to Remember: Memoirs of an Educator." Subsequently, I transitioned from the educational arena to play a crucial role in raising my three grandchildren, contributing to a rich adventure of sharing and learning.

Today, I continue to be a source of inspiration, lending my expertise in reading, writing, editing, and various projects as the Company Ambassador for Cannon Sales Consulting.

Florence C. Chambers

MAT/ Masters of ED(Counseling)

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